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Chiropractic 1st visit

What to Wear

Insurance and Payment



Your First Visit

Our providers frequently work together to best address a patient’s needs.  A good place to start is to see one of our Doctors who may recommend Dana for Massage or Christine for Acupuncture. Alternatively, if you are strictly looking for acupuncture, you may book directly with Christine or Dana for massage.  If you are unsure of who to see contact us and and we will point you in the right direction for your specific needs.

What to expect from your 1st Acupuncture visit

The initial acupuncture appointment includes a consultation and an acupuncture treatment. Many questions regarding your health history will be asked that aren’t often asked and may seem irrelevant to your main complaint, however Chinese medicine is a whole-body medicine. Your set of symptoms and how they present will help determine your treatment, the acupuncture points chosen, and the duration of your treatment course. Any questions or concerns can also be addressed during this time.

The initial consultation is generally 15-20 minutes, followed by a 30 minute acupuncture treatment. During your acupuncture treatment, you will remain mostly clothed. Wearing loose-fitting and comfortable clothing that can be moved, such as rolling up pant legs to under the knee, is usually how acupuncture points are accessed. One time use, sterile, stainless steel needles are carefully inserted, and you will relax on the table until your acupuncture treatment is done. Many people feel rejuvenated following a treatment. Once your treatment is complete, needles are properly disposed of, and you may go about your day as usual.

A few helpful tips for your initial appointment:

  • Make sure you set aside the appropriate time for your appointment. This allows for adequate time for both the consultation and treatment. Sometimes other modalities such as cupping may be used in addition to the acupuncture treatment.
  • Bring a list of your current medications and supplements.
  • Have a small snack before your appointment.
  • Avoid caffeine before your appointment so that relaxing is easier.

Your first Chiropractic Visit

We begin with a complete health history review, a comprehensive examination of the issue that brought you in, as well as exploration for any underlying joint restrictions or muscular imbalances you may not be aware of.  X-rays are not typical, but may be necessary.

Your provider will keep an open dialog with you about his findings, your past care experiences and what treatments are recommended for your current condition(s). With your consensus, your provider will likely administer your first treatment; this could be a spinal or extremity manipulation, more commonly known as an “adjustment” and/or some type of soft tissue technique indicated to your care needs. At-home therapies may be recommended to speed up recovery, such as kinesiology taping, stretching, foam rolling and prescriptive exercises.

You and your provider will mutually agree on the next steps in your treatment plan, with the expectation that changes will be made based on how your body responds – or doesn’t respond. Our ultimate goal is to develop a routine that gets – and keeps – you out of pain and in overall good health. You can expect your first visit to take approximately 45 minutes and to cost $105. Your provider will recommend when or if you should return for subsequent visits to work through an issue.  Typical treatment plans range from three to six visits.  Subsequent visits are typically 25 minutes long ($70), but may be 15 minutes ($45) or even just a quick in and out adjustment ($35).

What to Wear

For your initial visit, it is best to wear lose-fitting clothes that do not restrict your body’s natural range of motion. We encourage females to wear a sports bra and tank top. Sweat pants or shorts and a t-shirt work well for males.  Unless your provider instructs you otherwise, your normal attire should be sufficient for future visits.

Insurance and Payment

We process Auto Injury and Workman’s Compensation claims. We also accept referrals from the Veteran’s Administration through the VA Community Care Network (VACCN) for Chiropractic and Acupuncture.  Health insurance is a different matter.

Dr. Scot accepts most major health insurances.  This coverage typically with include exams, adjustments, ultrasound, but no soft tissue work (graston, ART, cupping).  If you choose to use your health insurance with Dr. Scot please understand it will exclude any tissue work.

Dr. Greg does not accept health insurance.  This leaves him free to do soft tissue work such as Graston, ART, Cupping, TPT, etc.  This allows you, the patient, to dictate what your treatment looks like, not an insurance company.

Our patients are encouraged to use pre-tax dollars from a FLEX or Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for their care. If a patient does not have access to these types of accounts, out-of-pocket healthcare expenses are tax deductible. A year-end care expense summary will be supplied at patient’s request.



  • Initial Visit $115
  • Follow-up Visits $85
  • Fertility Consult & Treatment $140


  • Initial Visit $105
  • Adjustment only $35
  • Routine Visit (12-14 minutes) $45
  • Extended Visit (25 minute visit) $70


  • 1 hour $90
  • 90 Minutes $130
  • 2 hours $160


All new patients must complete a New Patient Intake form.  When scheduling online for the first time, a link to an intake form will be emailed to you.  If scheduling by phone, you can download the intake below to fill out ahead of time, or come to your appointment a 10 minutes early do complete it in office.

New Patient Intake Form

Sports Physical Form

Consent to Treat a Minor Form