We know you have choices when deciding who to trust with your healthcare needs. Here are a few reasons why we believe we’re the better choice:

Our #1 priority is your health. It’s true we also try to run a successful business, but we truly believe that if we put our patient’s health interests first, everything else will fall into place naturally. We will never recommend or prescribe services you don’t really need for the sole purpose of monetary gains – that’s a promise.

We provide total musculoskeletal care. Lots of chiropractors offer massage therapy services in their offices – we do too. However, Upright Health physicians have specialized training in advanced soft tissue techniques that fall outside the scope of what a massage therapist or a traditional chiropractor can offer. This differentiation is very important to us because when your neck or back or (insert body part here) hurts, it’s almost never just your bones or just your muscles- it’s both. Our providers are trained and qualified to detect and treat your issues holistically

A simple and affordable fee schedule. You can’t always predict the reasons that bring you to a chiropractor’s office, but you’ll always know what your visit costs will be at our clinic. We’ve developed a competitive fee schedule that is simple and straight-forward, and post it publicly for our patients and prospective patients to reference at any time here »

Convenient location. If you live in or near Lakeville, chances are you pass us during your daily commute. We’re right at the corner of Highway 35 and Dakota County 50, next to Wells Fargo, TCF Bank, Super America and Perkins Restaurant.

Discounts on supplements. As a perk to all Upright Health patients, we provide big discounts on a huge variety of professional-grade supplements, like Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Dynamic Greens, Probiotics, and much more – everyday, all day. Shipped to your door.

Pre-Paid Punch Cards. Established patients can purchase a pre-paid punch card worth 10 Routine Visits, at a 15% discount. Punch cards are shareable, refundable and never expire. Set yourself up for the year by purchasing a punch card with your Health Savings Account or Flex Spending dollars.

We process Auto Injury and Workman’s Compensation claims; however, we do not process other types of insurance. If your health plan covers chiropractic care, your Upright Health provider will supply you with everything you need to submit a reimbursement claim directly to your insurance company. Why do we operate this way? We believe health insurance companies are faced with a severe conflict of interest; what’s best for your health is often unprofitable for your insurance provider. Furthermore, we believe the involvement of health insurance, between a patient and their doctor, greatly contributes to the artificial inflation of healthcare costs across the country. We think the healthcare equation should look something more like: You + Your Provider = Affordable & Unrestricted Care.

Our patients are encouraged to use pre-tax dollars from a FLEX or Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for their care. If a patient doesn’t have access these types of accounts, out-of-pocket healthcare expenses are tax deductible. A year-end care expense summary will be supplied at patient’s request.

Because we don’t need to aritificially inflate our fees to cover the overhead and risk associated with processing insurance, we are able keep our rates affordable and competitive. Current fee schedule:

  • $85 – First Visit
  • $35 – Routine Visit
  • $55 – Extended Care Session
  • $55 – Sports Physical
  • $55 – Nutrition Counseling Session
  • $20 – $110 Muscle Therapy Session

Most people only think of seeing a chiropractor when their neck or back is stiff and painful; the truth is the role of a chiropractor is changing – for the better. There are many conditions that can be effectively treated by an Upright Health physician; in addition to back aches and pains we treat things like migraines, dizziness, plantar fasciitis, Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI), Shoulder Impingement, Carpal Tunnel, generalized knee, foot, elbow, hip or wrist pain or immobility.

Once every four to six weeks is a good rule-of-thumb for those with average activity levels and lifestyles. If you have a physically demanding job, chronic issues like scoliosis or disc herniation or acute musculoskeletal injuries, you will likely need to be seen more frequently. Keeping a regular visit regimen is a good practice of preventative healthcare – head off issues before they interfere with your daily life. Your Upright Health physician will work with you to determine the right frequency for you.

The classic answer; it depends. Most musculoskeletal conditions we treat are resolved by the sixth visit. Our goal is for you to experience relief from pain and/or discomfort after your first visit, significant improvement after your third visit and resolution by your sixth. Of course, how quickly you heal is dependent on the severity of your condition, age, diet, activity level and adherence to your Physician’s at-home recommendations.

This question is usually directed towards spinal manipulation. For first-time patients there can be some anxiety around this type of treatment; it looks kind of scary. Not to worry. Spinal manipulation is typically not painful. It is possible to experience tenderness sometime during the first 24-hours after an adjustment, which can be addressed by simply icing it. Your Upright Health physician will do everything possible to make you comfortable and ease any concerns you might have.

If you are being treated with Graston or Active Release Techniques (ART), it’s important to understand that these techniques are oftentimes uncomfortable or even painful. As with any soft tissue therapy, dysfunctional muscles can be a source of pain when pressure is applied. Your Upright Health physician will do their best to find a balance between effectively treating the area and your comfort level.

There are certain conditions where traditional spinal adjustments or advanced soft tissue work can be contraindicated. In these situations, your Upright Health physician will refer you to a healthcare provider best suited to your symptoms.

If you’re using your Health Savings or Flex Spending account to pay for healthcare services, you might come across the term “approved medical expense” and wondered exactly what is and isn’t such a thing. The Internal Revenue Service issues a detailed list each year. For your convenience, you can check it out the full list here »